A Glimpse into our activities

  • Reading - in groups, one-on-one, with laughter, fun and play.
  • Creativity on Canvas - to explore colour, create art and reflect joy.
  • Local History - to give identity & teach about one's own roots.
  • Scribbling - up & down and all around with pencils, markers, chalk, paint, brushes, finger.
  • Theatre - to encourage improvisation, creativity and indulge in role play.
  • Create Music - like classic beating on Pots & Pans to foster creativity and connect.
  • Story telling - to free the child from the barriers of anxiety & gain valuable life lessons and manage emotions.
  • Emergent Learning - to allow the child's learning to emerge as they play.
  • Musical Sketching - where the child listens to music and draws what he hears which helps in engaging his brains in a different way and introduces them to the idea of the interplay of the senses.
  • Problem Solving - with opportunities for hands on investigation.
  • Photography - to help develop a child's voice, vision and identity as it pertains to their family, friends and community.
  • Sensory activities - like Mixed Beans and Peas Sensory tub. It opens the door for free play & gets them to use their sense of sound, taste, sight, and smell.
  • Spatial Awareness - through Puzzles, Blocks, Nesting Cups to develop an awareness in the child in any given space, in relation to all other people and objects in that space.