50% of a child's brain capacity is built in the first 5-6 years of life.

And what most influences that capacity is whether the child has a stimulating and thought-provoking environment.

Little Buddy Kindergarten is built on the premise that every child needs to be given the freedom and liberty to dream, explore, question and then conquer over his inhibitions. At Little Buddy we believe in giving a child wings to fly, unsurpassed by anyone and anything.

We at Little Buddy believe that every child is creative. A child let to himself is never afraid to take a chance because the fear of going wrong is not there. Consequently, there is no stopping the child at our centre.

Be Creative... Be wrong... and thus Learn.

The curriculum at Little Buddy allows the child to be himself, experiment, try out new things without the fear of going wrong, question everything he's learning and thus evolve. The child is not categorised according to certain parameters of learning, learning style or on the multiple intelligence theory alone. We believe in giving the child ample space, time and opportunities to find out what interests him and how he would like to learn. We go by the theory that it is more important to teach the child the way he wants not how the teacher wants.

Our curriculum is sourced from the UK Early Years Foundation Stage and has been reworked to suit the Indian system without harming the essence of what is already there in the curriculum.

At Little Buddy we have strived to integrate every nuance of the child's moments into learning- be it the educational materials, toys, play activity or even the furniture because there is no limit to learning and no stopping a child from learning if it is done in manner that is enjoyable to a child.


The Beginning...

Little Buddy Kindergarten is the culmination of a dream of creating a preschool brand of International standard affordable to all. The vision took its shape under the able tutelage of eminent educators, thinkers, philosophers and scholars.

The school strives to provide a safe and stimulating environment for learning to help grow minds and instil love for everyone.

Little Buddy Kindergarten offers a unique, child centred experience using a combination of innovative curriculum and instruction through an atmosphere that is conducive to fun, encourages learning and provides program opportunities that will support positive self-image, enhance social and physical skills while teaching self-control and independence.