Frequently Asked Questions

Enrolment Procedure
We encourage all prospective parents to visit the centre and have a tour of the facility before deciding.
If you would like to proceed with the admission, please ask the centre staff for theregistration form.
We are open from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm Monday to Friday.
The Centre is closed for Weekends and Statutory Holidays.
Settling your child
We request the parents to bring their child to the centre before the date of commencement which helps to build their confidence before their first day of school. If you are unable to bring your child before their first day, we ask that you stay with them for at least a short period of time before leaving them.
The time taken to settle down will vary with each child-from a week to several weeks. We will work closely with parents and children to establish a positive bond to ensure each child comfortably settles down with Little Buddy Kindergarten.
Our programme is based on UK Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. We endeavour to provide a warm and friendly atmosphere and a challenging programme and environment for every child.
Children are given opportunities to explore their world through play. Our programme is developed and revised regularly by observing the children and assessing their development. The curriculum focusses on 7 developmental areas of the child- Physical, Social & Emotional Development, Physical Development, Communication & Language, Literacy, Numeracy, Understanding the World & Expressive Arts & Design.
At the time of enrolment, the centre staff will be providing you with the Health Evaluation form. The requisite details are to be filled and submitted at the centre in one week's time. We take child safety very seriously, with all staff trained in First Aid. We maintain an accident and illness register at the Centre, to be completed by Parents and Staff.It is also necessary to maintain 48 Hour exclusion periods in the event of vomiting/ diarrhoea and ask you to please keep your child at home if they show any sign of symptoms for diseases which is infectious.
Personal items
All personal items brought by the children into the centre must be clearly named. Personal toys can be easily misplaced or broken and suggest that they are not brought to the centre.
Observation / Assessment
Children are observed while at play and while engaged in any activity. This helps the teachers to understand, appreciate and respond to the development of each child. These observations are then documented in the form of anecdotes, photographs, and samples of artwork. This information is compiled, and a portfolio is made for every child during their time here at Little Buddy Kindergarten.
Rest time
For toddlers at the Centre, the children have the opportunity of an early afternoon nap/quiet time if required.
At Little Buddy Kindergarten, we take the safety of your child with utmost importance. Please ensure that your child is "handed over" to the key person / staff before you leave. Please ensure that you sign your child on the sign in and out sheets each day. As an additional measure for safety we also provide the link to the CCTV surveillance in the school to each parent.
It is mandatory for you to inform the school when your child is under medication from a doctor. If the child must be given medicine, the details regarding the time and dosage must written down in the illness register by the parent. Ensure that the medicine is given to a member of staff and not left in the child's bag. It is vital that medication is clearly named and prescribed by a doctor. Medicines that are un-prescribed will not be given to any child by staff.
Parent school meet
We hold a monthly review meeting with the Parents which give you the chance to see what is going on in your child's class.Apart from this there are many opportunities to speak to the Key Person both informally and on a more formal basis.
Food / Drink
Each child should bring a mid-morning snack of fruit or vegetable or a healthy snack. We strictly discourage Junk Food. We also like children to have a named lunch boxes and water bottle.
After School program
The After-School Program is conducted on a need to need basis at every Franchise unit. The Program is held every day from 3.30 pm to 6.00 The program activities vary but can include: culture, sports, art, technology, rocket building. This program is intended to be enrichment focus and will be led by teachers who are passionate and interested in creating a club activity.
Average class size
Most of our classes have from 8-10 students with their Key Person in the room along with an Assistant Teacher / Janitor.

If you have any further queries or would like any further information, please don't hesitate to give us a call on 080 43006670 / 80 / 90 or drop us an email on