Our Approach


Little Buddy Kindergarten takes an inquiry approach to learning, moving from student interest to the unknown, actively involving students in the learning process.

We identify students' zone of proximal development for literacy and numeracy teaching, and explicitly plan to progress each students' learning, along a developmental continuum, providing 'just in time' teaching and experiences that continue to challenge and engage.

We aim to ensure that each student knows the importance of being a good person with solid values, who knows right from wrong, supports others and takes responsibility for their actions. A restorative approach to discipline supports this work.

At Little Buddy Kindergarten Learning is maximised within a safe environment, where students feel both motivated and empowered as they strive to be the best they can be. Environmental awareness is promoted across the Preschool community, fostering respect for personal and communal property and our environment.

Lifelong learning is fostered for all members of the Preschool community. It is both collaborative and independent, following individual pathways to the future. Diverse learning styles, interests and abilities are catered through flexible teaching styles. Learning happens through participation in engaging, meaningful curriculum incorporating both broad curriculum and relevant life skills. It promotes creative thinking and problem solving and participation.

Technology plays an important role in accessing the curriculum for all students and we aim to continue to stay abreast of technological developments and apply them to meet students' learning needs.

Our Purpose and Values

Our Students will learn from our rich history, connect with current events and create and contribute to a global future. We best equip our students to thrive in a rapidly changing world by providing learning opportunities that challenge and engage every student. Little Buddy Kindergarten learning at the centre, with sound literacy and numeracy skills forming the foundation to facilitate inquiry. Nurturing the development of the whole child ensures that we foster well rounded, confident and resilient students.

Our Teaching and Learning Philosophy Encourages Children to:

  • Take responsibility for their behavior and pride in their achievements
  • Develop an awareness of the learning strategies which enable them to become independent, lifelong learners
  • Develop effective decision making, problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Be socially connected and develop acceptable social skills
  • Be socially connected and develop acceptable social skills
  • Undertake leadership roles through a variety of whole-school and classroom responsibilities and opportunities
  • Strive to perform to the best of their abilities.

Our Values

  • Endeavour - Being ready to take risks to grow & learn within a supportive environment
  • Responsibility - Being ready to learn & being prepared to accept the consequences of one's own actions.
  • Respect - Caring about yourself, others and your environment
  • Resilience - Coping with life's challenges