About Us




We aim to deliver a high-quality level of care and learning within a warm, safe and stimulating environment. We provide children with opportunities to actively learn through play, develop positive relationships and work towards the EYFS Framework. Ensuring that we support each child individually and provide them with the first steps toward a better future. we educate and nurture the whole child, providing opportunities for each child to discover and develop their own unique talents and abilities.


Our aims

Motivate every child through a fantastic educational experience

Install strong family values, which embrace our diverse  community.

Provide opportunities for children to learn through spontaneous, free flow and active learning.

Provide an equal environment so that everyone is included. 

To recognise the needs of each individual child, working alongside parents as partners developing sound and trusting relationships.

To support and respect each other.


Our Values

 RESPECT – promoting a culture of tolerance, inclusion, diversity, equality, fairness and opportunity.

COMMUNICATION – being genuine, open, honest and sincere.

ACHIEVEMENT – highest quality, high expectations, aiming high.

INTEGRITY – means doing the right thing, even when no one else is watching.

PARTNERSHIP AND CARE – being reflective and learning from parents as partners, developing strong nurturing relationships.

CHALLENGING – testing ourselves and those around us, not accepting the status quo.

COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE – developing skills for learning, life and work.

What We Offer your Child


Enabling Environment & Outstanding Teachers


Bright and cheerful classrooms with lots of colours, vibrant energy, fun and play, designed to encourage your child’s natural curiosity and desire to learn about her world.

Teachers with a lot of passion and creativity to make learning fun and exciting & provide structure and help children grow in their reading and writing skills, teach science and help children understand themselves.  

Secured Environment with Individual Care


24/7 CCTV Monitoring–to live view your kids and not miss any moment of your child’s growing up.

High ratio of teacher to children. 

Involvement of Parent & Community Interaction


in the School and Teaching -interaction with other children and adults and also opportunities for the child and family to be directly involved in the activities of the group as your child progresses. Parental involvement impacts children's learning, with a strong positive link found between "tailored parental involvement in learning" and academic outcomes.

 Interaction of Child & Parent with Eminent Artists, Musicians, Pedagogist and other experts offering a dynamic way of knowing and being-with the different life-worlds we inhabit.

Mindfulness Practice


 sharing with them skillful ways of relating to life’s uncomfortable and challenging moments to help them cultivate resilience and develop and refine their mindfulness practice as they mature. We also introduce children to ways of seeing the strength and beauty of nature within themselves

Synergistic Learning


Learning with peers. Our teachers include the pattern of talk-teach-group discussion in the classroom. Learning happens when the brain is seated with other brains and able to talk to the teacher. 

Behaviour Modelling

Helping children discover positive behaviours through observational learning. We surround your children with constructive models and situations where positive behaviours are reinforced.